R. Mani Essentials

R.Mani Essentials is the name of my essential oil practice where I make custom blends for everyone.  I am very happy to be studying with reknowned teacher and aromatherapist, Andrea Butje, who  has over 20 years working with and teaching essential oils.  I have been learning a lot about the chemistry of the oils and their individual properties as well as how to differentiate the good quality oils from the not so good.  Visit this page for more info to come as well.

I currently make inhalers, body butters, body lotions, salves, bath oils, massage oils/creams, lip balms, and my newest products are therapeutic perfumes for women and therapeutic colognes for men.

I use the best oils I can get, pure therapeutic grade essential oils that come directly from the distillers.  All the oils are GC/MS tested to assure the highest quality and potency of these precious oils.  For more information check out the Aromatics International link on the sidebar.

Stay tuned for more information and pictures of products to come.

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