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Welcome to to my website.  I am a licensed acupuncturist in New York State and I practice East Asian medicine, Aromatherapy/Essential Oils, and Integrative Energy Medicine.  I treat all types of acute and chronic disorders and look forward to helping others achieve optimal health.

I have been blessed with many wonderful influences in my life and the resulting experiences have brought me to the path I walk today.  It is the true Divine at work when we as helpers and healers are able to assist others, and it is my hope that something you read on this site will ignite the seeker that dwells inside you.

May you always be in peace for we are all blessed spirits. Namaste!

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Seeing Weakness as an Opportunity for Empowerment

I was working with a patient recently and we were talking about her lifestyle and more specifically, some of her habitual ways of doing things over the years.  As she was speaking she described what she called “one of her weaknesses”.  Regardless of what that was or is, the specifics have little relevance to my point, I waited until she finished and simply reminded her there are no real weaknesses, these are merely opportunities to learn about ourselves and grow.

So what exactly does that mean?  Let’s examine for a moment the idea that all life is moving energy.  Life needs to be moving in order to survive. Our cells are constantly moving even when we are laying still.  Here’s a great example, I was at a state park in St. Petersburg, FL yesterday taking a little hike and looking at all the wildlife and foliage.  We stopped at the visitor center and saw one of the caretakers holding a live snake while people were encouraged to ask questions, pet the snake, and get comfortable with a species that usually invokes fear in us.  As I was petting this beautiful creature a child was remarking on how it was constantly moving and wrapping itself all over the handler.  That sparked my conversation with the handler on how we as a human species started out that same way, always in constant movement as a protozoan creature before we evolved into land inhabitants and grew appendages.  She then went on to say that the cells in our bodies are still in constant movement that same way even though our outer physical bodies are more static and sometimes sedentary.

This is really interesting but how does this relate to seeing the perceived weaknesses in ourselves as an opportunity for self-empowerment?  Well there are two ways we can view ourselves.  One is from a place of being static or what I refer to clinically as stagnant Qi, while the other is the place of forward motion or movement.  Which one do you think better enables us to grow?  Yes, I know it’s obvious but we tend to forget it a lot.  Here’s the punchline, if we see ourselves as weak or having weaknesses then we have a tendency to get stuck in that energy.  However, if we look at those same aspects of ourselves as opportunities to explore and discover more ways to expand, specifically in our consciousness, then this already adds a new energy of motion and vibrance to something that may seem stagnant or keep us stuck otherwise.

The moral of this story is,  to see those “weaknesses” in yourself as opportunities to grow and move forward in your life.  Namaste!

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The New Normal

Recently I was reminded of a conversation I had with the CFO of a small business talking about the economy.  She commented on how we as a population have been dealing with the aftermath of all the financial fallouts these past few years. All the cutbacks, layoffs, tightening our belts and doing all kinds of things we never thought we would be doing just to make ends meet.  As the dust begins to settle (at least we hope it is), we must now adjust to the new financial world order.  This is the new normal.  We don’t really have a choice in the matter, we just have to figure out how to deal with it.

I pondered this and how our relationship to our financial state is so analogous to our relationship with our health.  When patients come into my office for the first time, regardless of what their issues are, I always ask them how long they have had their symptoms.  A lot of times they say “I’ve had this for years”.  Usually, they have tried everything to resolve the issue but to no avail, and that is when they wind up in my office.

This is quite common.  A lot of us have been living with something, either an ache or pain or a syndrome for years and have had to adjust to life with this disorder.  We compensate for it and get used to it and somehow our bodies now view this new way of being as normal.  This is where the healing process can get complicated.  Sometimes, the longer we have had something, the longer it takes to resolve it.  That is not always the case but it is the general rule of thumb.  Partly, that is because our bodies have become so accustomed to being in this state that we get used to it and it becomes familiar.  It becomes a way we identify with ourselves.  Now that we identify ourselves with this way of being it becomes more challenging to change it or to imagine that it can even be changed.  After all, this is the way we are, this is the new normal for us.  Instead of thinking we can change it, we think we should just get used to it.  This is what makes my work so interesting and fun.  I love nothing more then seeing the look on someone’s face when they have  healed their own pain and now have a different experience of themselves.  It’s almost as if they can’t believe what they are feeling, or they forgot what it was like to feel healthy and vibrant.  That is the goal of therapy, to heal and therefore have a new experience.  Something we forgot about even though it is our birthright.

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The Co-Creative Concept

Since this is the first official post of my site, I thought it only appropriate to discuss the meaning behind the name Co-Creative Healing Arts.  I discovered the term co-creative in the work of Machaelle Small Wright, the founder of the Perelandra Center (check out the link on the sidebar for more information).  I was reading her book “Behaving As If The God In All Life Mattered” where she mentioned the nature spirits or devas.  Consider for a moment, that all things in nature have spirit.  Spirit is not just something reserved for humans and other animals, but all life forms have spirit.  It is similar to the concept that everything has Qi. As I explored this, my understanding of how nature heals itself grew deeper.  Even after “natural disasters”, the sun still rises and sets, grasses and trees grow, all in nature seems to find a way to balance itself.  Some might say that a natural disaster isn’t a disaster for nature, just a disaster for us.  Ponder this, if we lay a sidewalk and one day a crack develops in the concrete, how is it that after a short time you see blades of grass sprouting up between the cracks?  That is the power of nature with the help of the nature spirits, to keep coming back again and again, like the seasons. These devas assist to maintain the general order of things.  Think of it as the inherent knowledge of our natural universe.  Powerful, beautiful, invisible, and constant.

Let’s suppose another life form that approaches this type of intelligence is the human being.  Imagine if humans teamed up with nature and we shared our intelligence for the good of the planet.  This co-creative  concept is what I learned from reading Machaelle’s book. The author was referring to a garden she was building and how co-creative gardening implied working with nature to create this garden together. I was so intrigued by the thought or concept of building something in a co-creative way. What if we all adopted a co-creative lifestyle?  Suppose we do not act alone, but rather as a team and everything we do or say has an impact on every other living thing around us.

How does that translate into my therapeutic practice?  My patients and I have a co-creative relationship. It is achieved through sharing information either verbally or energetically. Whether I am using Chinese medicine, energy medicine, or essential oils, there is a common intention and innate intuition that harnesses the healing essence of the treatment. Co-Creative Healing Arts is about healing via a co-creative partnership of patient and practitioner.

How does co-creative healing work?  We have seen how nature heals itself, how plants and trees grow, scatter their seeds, and how their life cycles help nourish other matter. Humans also possess the ability to heal that goes beyond our immune system. Here’s something to think about when you get a cold or have aches and pains. Usually, you cough a little, sneeze a little, take some Vitamin C and know that it will resolve in a day or two because you have this great immune system built to defend against this.  But now let’s say the cold lingers, or the aches and pains don’t go away and you’ve had these symptoms for 2 weeks.  This is where we forget about that inherent ability to heal.  The thought, or the fear, creeps in that maybe you can’t heal and need someone else to “fix” you.  That is the general belief.  Of course, it is good to seek help and I strongly encourage you to seek medical attention if you are not well.  I’m suggesting that the healing process in the hands of a qualified practitioner is also in the hands of the patient. Co-creative healing requires us to acknowledge the part of our self we tend to ignore.  A practitioner may know what acupuncture points to use and what herbs to give, but the human body and spirit is really what brings itself back into balance. When we are accessing the person’s Qi (life force) we are enabling the body to heal itself.  It is something we all are capable of doing, it is our birthright.  Perhaps the real role of the practitioner is to help guide us and our bodies to work together in order to restore balance and homeostasis within ourselves.  Instead of believing we cannot heal, we can change our thoughts and therefore have a different experience of ourselves. Herein lies another aspect of co-creative healing, our spirit working in concert with our bodies to restore health and wholeness. The old fear-based belief becomes confounded with this new experience of ourselves.  Simply put, you could say that the definition of healing is when someone has a different experience of oneself.  That can happen on the emotional/mental, physical, or spiritual level.  Remember we are all made of mind, body, and spirit.  One cannot exist without the other.  Healing can happen on any realm of mind, body, or spirit and thus affect all three.

Please take some time to reflect on this or feel free to make a comment. There is more to come on other topics in future articles.  There is always more.

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